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Welcome To Halifax Elevators.

Combining industry leading quality with stunning European design, our range of elevators brings a touch of affordable luxury to every residential and commercial space Melbourne, Victoria.

Why Choose Halifax Elevators

With decades of experience invested in our products, Halifax offers leading quality, style and affordability to the Australian elevator industry. Speak to our team today to find out why more people are choosing to enjoy the high life with Halifax Elevators.

Full Service

Halifax Elevators looks after each of our clients, from the initial design process to providing ongoing support for our elevators.

Quick Installation

Our elevators are supplied in a convenient modular format, making them simple to install with minimal disruption to your life.


Engineered to meet strict Australian safety standards, all Halifax Elevators come as standard with a host of protective features.


Drawing on more than 50 years of history through the Papasavas Group, Halifax Elevators offers unrivalled industry expertise.

Our Elevators

Halifax Elevators offers a variety of lifts that add both convenience and value to residential and commercial settings in Melbourne, Victoria. Combining European design features, Australian safety standards and extensive customisation options, each of our products can bring a touch of opulence to your space. Visit our product pages below for more information on our elevators and their customisation options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Halifax Elevators offers a handpicked collection of stunning elevators, purpose-built to meet a diverse range of requirements. Our industry leading elevators also feature a host of styling choices that allow our customers to create the perfect lift for their space.

Offering a variety of models and customisation options means no two elevator installations are alike. To receive a free quote, please get in touch with our team and provide more information about your project.

Elevator installation times vary depending on the project’s specifics. We will provide an accurate project timeline once we know the key details. Depending on your property, our elevators can typically be installed without the use of equipment such as cranes.

Each of our elevators offers some level of customisation. These include cabin details such as wall and floor panelling, as well as options for lighting, control panels and other details. Whatever your design aesthetic needs, our elevators offer extensive customisation options that make them industry leaders in the Australian marke

We have a large display of residential and commercial elevators at our Melbourne showroom, located at 80 Stephenson Street, Cremorne, Victoria.

We service homes and businesses throughout Victoria. Speak to our team to find out more about Halifax Elevators’ services in your area.

Depending on the use and purpose of the elevator, our lifts are designed to meet a range of Australian Standards, pursuant to AS 1735. Information about the Standards met by each specific elevator model is included on their individual product brochures and technical documents.

For more information on AS 1735, please visit www.ablis.business.gov.au.